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Aerosoles has always been primarily concerned with finding the perfect balance between fashion and performance. After all, no one should have to sacrifice comfort or proper support in the name of style. The company is firmly committed to the belief that you really can have it all – both function and fashion – in shoes that will serve your feet well while making you look fantastic. Every Aerosoles shoe is full of various technological features that make it work well for feet. Its special Stitch ‘N Turn Technology results in shoes that are so flexible that they will twist and flex as needed without any “break-in” period at all. Other features include using lightweight materials so you never feel weighed down by your shoes, diamond-pattern soles that absorb so much shock you feel like you’re walking on air, memory cushion footbeds that are like pillows under your feet, a heel cradle that stabilizes the foot and keeps the heel in place, and removable footbeds. The company’s heels feature Heel Rest Technology to redistribute weight towards the heel and away from the more sensitive ball of the foot. The company’s boots feature an extended calf with two extra inches of zipper for added comfort. If you want to try footwear from a company that is obsessed with balancing comfort and style, try a pair of Aerosoles.