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Finn Comfort is a German footwear company that makes handcrafted shoes in Hassfurt that fully embodies what people expect in terms of quality from anything “made in Germany.” Finn Comfort footwear has grown enough in popularity to justify a recent expansion of the company’s manufacturing facilities. Finn Comfort designs shoes to maximize comfort with a footbed developed to specifically keep the human foot in the most efficient alignment possible. Like Birkenstock, Finn Comfort footbeds are molded to work with the anatomical contours of the human foot, supporting and gently repositioning the heel, arch, muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones in a way that gets all these elements working together for pain-free, comfortable walking. The idea is to more evenly distribute pressure across the foot than would ever happen in most conventional shoes, thereby reducing foot fatigue, stress, and other problems such as back pain stemming from poor footwear. A Finn Comfort footbed uses natural cork harvested from Mediterranean Oak trees, hevea latex from rubber tree, woven layers of jute and is lined with organically tanned suede (chrome free and hypoallergenic). The footbeds can be removed from Finn Comfort shoes and hand-washed in warm soapy water for maximum hygiene. When what you’re looking for is superior comfort in footwear, try a pair of Finn Comfort shoes.