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The year was 1927 when the idea of ending the typical trade-off between comfort and style became a new brand of footwear called Naturalizer. It was a radical idea whose time had come, and women absolutely loved being able to get fashionable footwear that didn’t feel like it was ruining their feet. This combination of fashion and comfort was previously unavailable, but women were on the rise in society and this seemed like a natural evolution in footwear for women enjoying new-found freedom. That commitment has carried through even to this day. As the company’s website notes, “With rich leathers, soft suedes and unique details, Naturalizer footwear captures the essence of modern femininity…whether that means taking a leisurely walk in velvet ballet flats, or running a board meeting in black leather pumps.” Naturalizers approach to the comfort aspect of footwear is their N5 Comfort scheme consisting of 1)  Extra Cushioning in the form of latex foam at three critical places (insole at strike contact, under the ball of the foot, and lull length of the lining) that absorbs shock, supports body weight and distributes pressure; 2) a Breathable Lining located on the sock cover and interior, made of porous synthetic material that facilitates airflow, allowing heat and moisture to dissipate, keeping feet cooler and drier; 3) Balanced Heel to Toe: Heel shapes are designed for stability while the inside heel cup provides a secure fit to promote a stable heel strike and toe-off which enables a natural gait; 4) Flexible Soles: Flexible materials used in the insole and outsole relieve pressure and allow for a more natural toe-off; and 5) Lightweight Materials: Lightweight but durable materials are used throughout the design of Naturalizer shoes to provide comfort without the extra weight or layers.